old street

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Apr 27, 2004
東京 Tokyo
reasonable record shots. lighting in #1 looks great, but you need more interesting subject(s) if you want the pictures to be more than just for record purpose :)


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Nov 2, 2004
Singapore, Singapore, Singapor
As eikin mentioned the light in #1 is great
I feel that with the perspective of the WA you need to go in close to your subject to give your image more energy

first one is great. i think the positioning of the cycle rickshaw and the 'lines' on the road pointing towards the direction of its movement make the image quite interesting.

i am not so sure about the second one. imho it is too clutterred and image. the wires and the high rises at the back with the backlighting are a bit distracting.

it is interesting to note how your selection of composition takes advantage of the lighting in the first shot but with same position of lighting the composition in the second image doesnt work that well. maybe it is because most of the foreground in this shot is in the shadow of the gate and hence the image lacks the punch whereas in the first shot the sun dramatically lights up the road.

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