Offstone Studio PIO II (30 Sept, tues) - Model "Linh" from Vietnam

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Jan 16, 2003
Hi folks,

In the tradition of our Offstone PIO spirit, this is the 2nd of our new series

The earlier one is a week earlier


Date: 30 September, tuesday
Time: 7pm - 10pm/11pm
Where: ICONIX studio, 37A Mosque Street. 3 mins walk from Chinatown MRT
Fees: S$45 per photographer (inclusive of one free weeknight usage of studio for practice, for each group of 4)
Class size: around 8 photographers.

What's up?
Learn studio photography and come back another weekday to practise in smaller groups.

Lance Lee will be conducting a studio PIO where photographers will try their own studio lightings and photograph an experienced model. Participants are encouraged to be creative and set up their own lightings. Lance will guide and suggest different ways of lightings.

While the more experienced photographers can go ahead to style the lightings, the beginners can observe and learn on the spot.

Participants can also take turns to shoot with a Fujifilm S2 Pro camera (digital) and learn how to use a medium format camera, Mamiya 645, with B/W polarids

Lance will be the one applying make-up on the models, with the assistance and guidance of a professional make-up artist

Who's the model?
Linh from Vietnam. She's with the Elite model agency in Vietnam and she's represented by UpFront Models in Singapore.

Linh will be our main model while I'm still looking for a 2nd model from Phantom Models. I'll update on this asap.

Meanwhile, here are two pictures of Linh. they were shot by a Vietnamese photographer.

this 30th Sept Studio is different from the one on 23th Sept...

What's the difference?

1. Participants pay S$45 instead of S$20
2. The class size is smaller (8 instead of 10), and we have 2 models instead of one. So there's a better ratio of 4 photographers to 1 model (instead of 10 to 1)
3. Participants can break into 2 smaller groups of 4 each, and come back another weekday to practise what they have learnt.

For the total of S$360/- collected from 8 photographers, here's the breakdown...
1. S$40 to first model, S$20 to 2nd model - S$60 in all
2. S$80 to pay the professional make-up artist (who will coach me, the make-up trainee)
3. S$200 goes to Rickson, ICONIX studio manager for usage of studio (1 session of PIO plus 2 separate sessions of studio practice on weekdays)
4. S$40 for miscellaneous (B/W polarids, medium format camera usage, drinks for everyone, funds for Lance's make-up materials etc)

Like earlier PIOs, since the instructor (Lance) is teaching for free, participants are expected to conduct future PIOs free once they are good enough to be instructors. Those who don't answer their obligations are banned from future PIOs.

To sign up for this PIO
As usual, first come first serve basis.

Hop on to for registration details.

Two out of eight have already confirmed their participation. Six places left.


Lance Lee

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