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Feb 24, 2005
Well, no news yet. Hope they are alive and can be rescued. Oh dear, they put a policeman in charge of the whole rescue deal. Looks like they say not safe to go in and rescue. Many days pass.

Since when was any rescue ever "safe"?

Please ask the NY fire fighters who went in to the 911-World Trade Centre.
These are well trained men. They KNEW they will die. They knew the structure is steel and building will collapse at some point of time in the fire. But still they went in without hesitation, hoping to save someone. 341 NYFD firefighters and 2 paramedics died. Their fire chief did not hold a press conference saying, only when the building is "safe" then we will send in the fire fighters.

The volunteers who went down into the Chilean mine 700 hundred metres below to save and treat the miners. Did they need any assurances that the rescue was "safe" before they went in? No. It is never "safe". Anything can happen in a rescue. They could all die. They went in knowing that. Prepared for that. They were blessed. All lived and were rescued.

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