Nudes/Artistic/Semi-artistic services - Please note

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Dec 18, 2003
really MORE diaper changes
with reference to this post by Darren last year

be reminded that ALL ads asking for/advertising for any form of nudes/artistic/semi-artistic shoots (be it you are an organiser, photographer or wannabe model) are NOT alllowed.

we have noticed that these ads by photographers and/or models are slowly creeping back in under the guise of TFCDs or organised shoots. these threads will henceforth be summarily deleted without warning. further violations will result in a major infraction given.

as a reminder to all models - if any organisers who ORIGINALLY advertise their shoots as non-nude/artistic, and later turned out to be nude/artistic when you turn up for the shoot, pls highlight to the Moderators/Admin team (please let us know specifically which thread) and we will delete the organiser(s) threads.

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