Nude Photography Workshop(starts on 22 Oct 2005)

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Jan 3, 2005
Hi all...........

We are having a Nude Photography workshop commemcing on 22 Oct 2005.

Schedule as follows:

22 Oct 2005 12.30-2.30pm
23 Oct 2005 9-12pm Practical
29 Oct 2005 6-8pm

Nude photography are some of the most popular branches of photography. This 3 lessons workshop is meant to equip the students with the knowledge and assist them in their initial step into a world of glamour and artistic nude photography. This workshop consist of a small class population to enable the students to have more chances to interact with the model. The workshop fees include the hiring of the models for the practical session.
Duration : 3 sessions, 2 hours per session
Course Fee : S$200 (member), S$300 (non-member). Fee inclusive of model charges
Language : English
Pre-requisite : Basic Photography Course
Instructor : Steven Yee Pui Chung

Lesson 1 (Steven Yee):
History of nude photography
Difference between glamour and nude photography
Difference between nude and pornography
Equipment needed
The importance of the concept and set-up
The props and dress
Lighting effect
Common filters
Model release
Location (indoor and outdoor)
Communicating with the model and ethics

Lesson 2 (Steven Yee):
Practical with a model in lingerie and artistic nude poses

Lesson 3 (Steven Yee):
Photo finishing
Creative usage of images

Students are required to submit 6 photographs of 8R or super 8R size taken during the sessions. A course certificate will be given to successful submission

Minimum 4 students to start the class. Maximum 6 students per class.

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