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Dec 27, 2002
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Creating new thread because old thread expired :( The price to pay for getting buried with work.

All CAC photographers, feel free to post/chat here.

First off, I would like to thank all the CS photographers who have been with me for the past 1 semester. I hope that you guys have not regretted joining my team. Next semester is going to be a busy period for all of us.

I'm still open to any other NTU photographers who are looking to join a photography team (but do contact me by Feb as it's dateline for consolidation of CCA points).

Over the past 1 semester, the opportunities CAC photographers received ranged from campus concerts (e.g. Wilbur Pan, Zhang Zheng Yue) to press events (e.g. paint-a-dustbin at orchard rd, marina bay countdown, Asian Digital Film Synposium), even portraits/interviews (e.g. Russel Wong, member clubs) and interior architecture (e.g. *scape at orchard).

For the upcoming semester, I already have 12 events (mostly concerts) lined up from Jan to March, which is primary reason to re-opening the application for CAC photographers.

(reposting my intro)

The NTU thread seems to be buried somewhere, so starting a new thread for this.

Gathering all NTU photographers who are interested to be part of CAC's Publication Team 2007/08.

A little intro about CAC and its publication...
CAC is one of the biggest clubs in NTU, with 21 members clubs - ranging from Wushu (martial arts) to Modern Jazz (dance) to Symphonic Band (music). It organizes annual events such as the national talentime - Impresario, Nanyang Arts Festival and Arts from the Hearts, as well as various campus concerts that are always a hit.

It's primary publication is Art Jam, a magazine that features the arts scene not just in NTU, but beyond the campus around Singapore as well. Its distribution goes beyond the school to all tertiary institutions, eateries such as Ben & Jerry's, DBS Arts Center, K-box, 77th street and many many more.

As CAC's photographer, you'll be part of the publication committee, under the Publication Director. You won't be restricted to just shooting for the magazine. You will also double up as event photographer for the member clubs. This gives you access to many event opportunities, such as the Symphonic Band's concert, Impresario's concert, the Wushu tournament etc.

All interested NTU STUDENTS, please EMAIL to desiree@pmail.ntu.edu.sg the following information:

Name (as in matric card):
CS Nick:
Matric Number:
Hall of residence (if applicable):
HP no.:
Relevant Experience:

[to admins & mods: not posting this in Services because it's not a commercial service. So posting this here because it's the most relevant forum, gathering CS members who are currently in NTU)


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Dec 11, 2006
Let me be first to start!

A new year heralds new opportunities. Thanks for last sem's events, and I'm hoping for more chances this sem!


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Jan 8, 2008
hey,i want to join!


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Oct 28, 2007
Interested to join too... But my skill and my equipment are so basic only. I only have a 50mm lens and canon kit lens.

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