NPS Global Site Launched


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Apr 8, 2007
Finally, Nikon managed to link up all their separate NPSes. :D
No more problems if I drop equipment overseas anymore. Bravo Nikon! ;p
I guess there still is the logistic & travel problems of getting to the Nikon office but that's not my problem - it's my assistants *grin*

My favourite clauses:
  • The availability of specific equipment may depend on the member's length of stay in that country. In cases where the member will not stay in the country long enough for the repair to be completed, equipment may be loaned to the member.
  • Equipment is loaned to foreign members only as a temporary replacement for the equipment that is being repaired, or when travel plans prevent the repair of the member's equipment. In order to borrow replacement equipment, the equipment for which repair is needed must be brought to the service center

Commentary from Thom Hogan (
  • "Digital products are not currently covered by 'The Nikon Worldwide Service Warranty' but NPS Global Support and Services will apply a one-year service warranty from the day of purchase at the NPS Global Support and Service Network to them, even if they are registered in a different country. Proof of warranty and purchase date should be presented." So, continuation of the same old non-global policies, with an exception for NPS members. But there's still the same old gotcha: in the US, camera bodies don't come with proof of warranty ;~). Moreover, it's unlikely that pros travel with warranties and receipts for all their equipment. Who exactly is thinking out the logistics of these initiatives? My advice to all pros: scan all that paperwork and carry it with you on your laptop. So much for the "ease" portion of "Our goal is to keep NPS members shooting with certainty, ease, and a feeling of security that comes with dedicated support."
  • Non-NPS members currently have access to all of the site except for a couple of articles. But that means that you have access to the D3s Technical Guide and D3x Technical Guide PDFs. If you own those cameras, download them and read them.
  • Apparently NPS South Africa doesn't count, as they're not in the Americas, Europe, or Asia/Oceania.

Global Network here:


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Oct 15, 2008
Well done Nikon !

TS, thanks for sharing :)

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