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Feb 1, 2005

Would like to find what digital camera is good for macro photography?
Not a expensive camera. Maybe less than $1.5K
And how to identify whether a camera is good in macro?
Do we look at the magnification and the focal length?
Do we look at whether the camera can do macro at tele?

I read from dpreview that Nikon is good at macro. But I also read from other people saying Nikon is actually not very good.
Does distance play an important role in choosing a camera is good at macro?
For example some Nikon cameras can do macro at 1cm while other cameras do it at 10cm.
At 1cm, does that mean that the photos I took will have shadow or dark, since I have block some of the light?
Using flash will be too bright?

Hope someone can enlighten me.

Thank You!


I don't know what $1.5K would buy you.

I presume you're talking about digital compacts? Some makers call it macro mode but not real macro (I suspect it's shooting at an wide-angle end to give such close focus) and the zoom lens also giving a bit of problems doing macro e.g. edge sharpness and distortion.

Because you're shooting at such great magnification, macro work is not so forgiving with regards to lens quality and shooting technique.

For quality macro work it would be difficult to go past the combination of a DSLR and a dedicated macro lens which I am using to do all my close-up works.

I guess it all boils down to how much quality you want for your macro?

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