Notice to EliotJC/Corbet - Public apology and clarification needed

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Dec 18, 2003
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wrt this thread

this is to give EliotJN/corbet notice that you have to make a public apology to papilio and bluesteel for your baseless allegations in CS.

do so within the next 2 weeks to papilio and bluesteel via PM. a PM reminder has been sent to your corbet clone account. failure to comply will result in your de-registration from CS.

Thanks, nightwolf75, for initiating this action. I suppose it is necessary to keep ClubSnap free of such unsavoury characters and not let the site become a platform for personal vendettas and defamation suits!

It should not come as a surprise to anyone, including the 700+ readers of this thread, that the anonymous coward would never come forth to apologise to Bluesteel or me, even when all his allegations have been proven wrong.

It's exactly why he purposely set up two clone accounts here and a new email account to try to hide his tracks. De-registering his accounts doesn't bother him.

After conferring with a few people, this is a personal matter that Bluesteel and I will have deal with this anonymous eunuch. It does not matter to anyone here, nor puts any CSer at risk, unlike an unscrupulous camera shop or a dishonest buyer. Hence we will deal with this issue privately.

For those who are just curious, it won't take exceptional CSI skills to find out who he is. Just go over to the NSS forums and read some of the threads there in the butterfly forums. His name-calling and childish accusations are there for all to see. This chap has an account here at CS too.

I'm quite sure he will still come into CS anonymously to check on the threads. As cowardly as he is, he will continue to lurk and not say anything, even when everything he has accused me of, has been proven wrong.

But let's leave it at that as far as this episode is concerned. A note of complaint has been sent to my sponsor. If and when action is taken, I am sure this cowardly eunuch will not find it so amusing.

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