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Feb 21, 2005
I'd guess you'd have to wait till it launches for a more indepth report and testing....

anyone have more latest info on D3, D300, 40D & 1Ds Mark III other than this?
Suffice to say every succeeding model that comes out...there would usually be a series of improvements and such. But ultimately, it still boils down to who is behind the camera shooting to make the most of it.

So even if it makes interesting reading about what the upcoming one will be like in terms of like for example..."noise" well. if your budget is about 2K for example and you read the report saying that the D3 has great noise management feature but your budget is still not going to make it since your budget is way short. But if you have deep pockets you don't need to read anything more then what you see now as...for sure....the newer model coming out are sure to have greater noise management features over present day models.

As it is ..there are already more then enough information on them to highlight all the best features to come when this models are launched at the end of the year.

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