No shops sell Casio prosumer superzooms?

Aug 18, 2010
Well, this is really quite surprising.

After looking through some of the Buy/Sell topics in the Marketplace as well as Google-ing for resellers and it appears that not a single known local shop keeps any stock of Casio's line of prosumer superzoom cameras, especially the EX-FH XX series.

And considering that DPreview claims in a recent superzoom shootout conducted last year that the EX-FH XX series of Casio cameras outperform Fujifilm's prosumer superzooms (their signature products, at that) by a clear margin in both IQ and speed (40fps stills!!!), it seems odd that shops do not seem keen on bringing in any of these cameras. Just wondering why that is so?

(and by the way, I think have already been poisoned enough to want one for myself >.< )

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Feb 3, 2009
I'm not sure what decides what a certain country's shop should stock. Same thing when I went to Thailand was looking for black rapid but they have not even heard of it before and no shop stock nissin or yongnuo for 3rd party flashes, sigma flashes are the popular ones there. Same in your case I suppose


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Mar 15, 2008
Singapore / Melbourne
I think I do recall seeing a store in Funan carrying Casio prosumer cameras. But that was a year ago and I'm not sure if the store is still there anymore. Its not John 3:16 or Alan Photo, you can try the other camera stores there but if the journey is too far you might wanna look up the store directory and call them to ask. Hope this helps.

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