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Is there demand/good market for interior designers?

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I will be applying for a course after I get my results. This course is called "Interior Architecture & Design". It deals with spaces, architecture and design. To read more abt the course so that you may have an idea of what I can do for my portfolio: >> OurCOURSES >> Full-Time Courses >> Course Listings >> Temasek Design School >> Diploma in Interior Architecture & Design

To apply for this course, I would have to go through an interview (by the Direct Admission Exercise). School of Design classes are always so small. That means, competition is tight I guess. Anyway, for this interview I think I have to have a portfolio. The problem now is that I have no idea what to present in/as my portfolio. What do I do? What should I be collecting?.:dunno: I have about 1 week to work on this portfolio. I badly and urgently need some ideas from your creative minds. So please pour them ideas in here.

In addition, this is my first time dealing with portfolios and serious interview sessions :confused:. How do I present my portfolio in the best way? What do I use? What type of files, bla bla bla. The styles, etc.


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mm...for the portfolio part....

not complusory....

Had a friend who left her portfolio at home......
Took the interview...blah blah the works...

Together with the other friend....who had a portfolio....

Not sure if having a portfolio helps...but from what i heard from my friend, not really unless the interviewer is impressed with what he sees in ur portfolio.


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