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Jun 2, 2009
We have no budget for photos | Tony Sleep

Interesting sidecar quote from the writer:

"Supply without payment is, of course, only viable for hobbyist photographers who don't need an income from their photography. They have salaried jobs, pensions or private incomes, or perhaps suicidal romantic tendencies. I do not. They have a selfish attitude to destroying the sustainability of photography as a profession which they call "beating the pro's at their own game". Moreover a byline might appeal to their idiot vanity. I suggest you ask one of them. Alternatively find a new graduate or student to exploit - they are desperate and naive, and you have the opportunity to add to their crippling student debt by saving yourself a few quid."

Apparently the phenomenon is worldwide. Hobbyists are getting bored with shooting sunset or birds and flowers and want a thrill at the pro job. The intention could be innocent (or not) but the damage to industry is real. This is not the case of a genuine full time pro starting low or undercutting or just charging low rates, for he has a real stake in the game, these are just amateurs having fun and leaving behind carnage. Something for full time pros to be aware of. Some genres have closed doors, but some market are easier to spoilt. Is yours such a market? How are you improving yourself to shut the pests away?

No offense to the hobby people, we know your usual reasons.

Full offense to the exploiters, **** ***

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Jan 25, 2007
Sadly, this does not only happen in the world of images, but as well as other industries. :cry:

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