Nikon launches new COOLPIX 5400

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Jan 16, 2002
May 2003
TOKYO - Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of the COOLPIX 5400 Digital Camera.

Positioned the top of Nikon’s COOLPIX lineup, the COOLPIX 5400 is a compact, lightweight digital still camera with 5.1 effective megapixels and a powerful 4x zoom lens. It delivers superior image quality -- the hallmark of Nikon products -- and features advanced ergonomics which greatly enhance operational ease and comfort.

The camera targets primarily users who demand the same degree of creative capability afforded by an SLR, will settle for nothing less than the best digital camera on the market, and will not compromise when it comes to image quality. The COOLPIX 5400 also suits film-camera users who wish to take advantage of the impressive array of accessories available, to further extend their photographic potential. Any user in search of an extremely versatile, high-quality digital still camera will find the COOLPIX 5400 to be an exciting camera loaded with possibilities.

For complete information and press release -
Coolpix 5400 Announcement


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