Nikon is (POSSIBLY??) developing products in the professional markets.

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Jan 20, 2007
Interview with the Image Division director of Nikon France

Jan Van Laethem, May 31, 2007; 10:10 a.m.

An interview with Benoît de Dieuleveult, the new director of Nikon France's Image Division, has just been published in the June issue of the photo magazine "Réponses Photo". I enclose a translation of part of the interview, which gives some indications about Nikon's future releases:

"Question: Nikon seems to have focused mainly on the amateur market in recent times with the D80, D40 and the Coolpix. Has the professional sector become secondary?"

"Answer: First of all, even if we haven't produced a body with 1 digit (D1, D2...) recently, a body like the D200 is much appreciated by professional photographers. We have sold almost 20,000 bodies in 2006. Also, Nikon has continued to produce a large number of pro optics, which have also received a very favourable response. Finally, we maintain a constant effort to develop the quality of our services: Nikon School, after sales service."

"Q: What can we expect during the next months?"

"A: Nikon does not have the intention to reduce its activities on the pro market, quite the contrary. We are preparing very nice products, which will allow us to recover market shares in this sector. I cannot tell you anything for the moment, but you will not be disappointed..."

In the last part of the interview, which concerns mainly Nikon France, the director mentions the fact that all remarks made by Nikon users and also those remarks made by professional photographers during specially organized meetings are reported back to the R & D department of Nikon Japan. I really hope that Nikon is indeed listening to its customer base.

The article that accompanies the interview is a reflection of the various rumours that are circulating the web, so I won't go into these, as they have surely already been discussed many times and are rather pointless anyway. It does say however that we are likely to see some new launches during the rugby world cup, to be held in September 2007.


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Jan 14, 2005
haha... too bad I am not pro...

It's true that the update of the pro body is a little overdue.



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May 2, 2004

until KRW says anything i not buying anything. :sticktong :sticktong

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