Nikon D850 Autofocus in low light compared to D4 or D5?

Nov 4, 2010
Is there anybody who has (or used to have) both the new Nikon D850 AND D3 or D4 or D5?

I am just wondering how similar the Autofocus in LOW LIGHT in the D850 compared to one of the Nikon D3, 4, 5 flagship cameras. Is AF same; accurate and fast for low light action, wedding reception dancing, etc?

Thanks so much!

Dec 23, 2016
There were tests conducted on both cameras and it concluded that despite havng the same autofocus system, the D5 is able to focus more accurately especially during action scenes. The D850 would be 'hunting' for the correct focus like 50% of the time.

Both these cameras are made for different purposes so there's no point comparing apples to oranges.

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