Nikon D60 + Sigma EF-530 DG super??

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Nov 15, 2007
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Hi all CSers out there,

I'm currently looking for a flash for my nikon D60. And as all of you know that SB-800 is discontinued, so i was looking at SB-900, after thinking to myself do i really need so many functions? And not forgetting SB-600, but after considering it,i was thinking if in the future i want something more powerful (something like a SB-800), it means i wld need to purchase another flash (probably SB-900). :dunno:
However,the price of SB-900 is abit steep,hence i was looking at Sigma EF-530 DG super. I would like you all to tell me more abt this flashlight and its pros/cons.:bsmilie: Espicially those who own one of these sigma EF-530 DG super, pls tell me yr experience with yr camera. :thumbsup:

So all those Sifu kindly advice on the flash,to give me a little glimpse of whether i shd get it or not :D

Thanks in advance,

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