nikon D300 can survive condition in the mountains of nepal?


You should not have much problem. But your battery will drain alittle faster if you don;t keep your camera in a bag when you are not shooting. I had mine out when I was in Frankfurt and Berlin with the coldest about -16C. My D300 was so cold that if I took my gloves off, to hold the camera's magnesium part with my bare hands it was so cold,I can't hold it for long. I caught snow flake coming down hard around me but it was so cold the snow flakes did not melt but stay "dusty" on my D300 and Lens. But it kept firing and working. I don't think you would have a problem. My D300 is also not new hehe.. pretty old.


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Nov 24, 2008
D300 will survive....not too optimistic on the batteries though.

how would that help? okae having doubts about bringing a dslr there ald hahaha
The D300... not to worry about this body and even my cheap a-s-s lens. A non VR 18-55mm sleeper lens I own was whizzing along without a care even when I had a number of time had alot of snow on my camera from people have snowball fight with me. If it was my older D70.. I am not too sure.

Battery life was a little shorter for me though almost did not notice it plus I brought alone 3 batteries in all and 2 are compatible. Did not even miss a beat. 11,200+ shots for a 10 day trip.

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Sure can survive. Was there In Dec 2009 with D300 and D80. All came back well. Take care about the lens though. Try not to bring lens that increases in length during zooming. Can collect a lot of dust and moisture....

All the Nikkor f/2.8s and Primes are OK.



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Jan 27, 2009
okae finally got time to use the com zzz. hmm very informative you guys are. thanks for the valuable info guys. so should i really put the dslr in a ziplock bag or wrap it in a jacket when entering a warmer place?

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