nikkor 105 vr or sigma 150mm macro?


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Apr 7, 2009
buying a macro lens this coming weekend... i'll be using it for macro (obviously:D) and street/portrait photography as well.

just so you know, i owned the 90mm f2.8 tamron, 105mm f2.8 sigma, and tokina 100mm macro before... my copy of the tamron, hunts a lot and i dont really like the cheap feel of the lens, the sigma 105 was just nice but the front element extends when it focus, sometimes i'm unaware of it hitting my macro subject already... finally, the tokina 100mm macro... this is a sharp lens, it's fast, and it's heavy as well:D... but then again, the front extends when it focus.

i saw the sigma 150, it's IF, and i think the reach will be nice for stealth street photography... it doesn't have the vr though. moreso, i am intrigued with this nikon NANO coating thingy... does it really count?

seeking advice from the experts here, especially from the users of these lenses. please feel free to post sample pics taken with these lenses...

am doing my own research as well, but it'd be better to hear an actual user's experiences. thank you very much!

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