niewbie: Advice needed. what info we need to get from seller before buying?

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Jan 17, 2002
It is probably not "what info you need to get from the seller", but rather "what do you need to check for yourself". :)

For used lenses, here are some areas that I'd normally check:
- Look though the lens. Any fungus or defects on the glasses? How bad is the dust?
- Can it mount & unmount to/from the camera smoothly?
- Is the zooming smooth (if it is a zoom lens)?
- Is the manual focusing smooth? Can it reach it's full range?
- Is the aperture working properly? (you can use the DOF preview with various aperture setting to check)
- Can the lens communicate properly with the body? Any contact problem?
- Any problem with the filter mounting thread?
- Take some sample shots at different focal length. Is the image sharpness satisfactory?
- If it has built in motor/image stabilizer, are these working?
- Cosmetic: any dents?

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