Nexus 7 Tablet


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May 16, 2010
Google revealed its long-rumored device today — a 7-inch Nexus tablet running Android's newest operating system flavor, 4.1 Jelly Bean. The pint-sized slate — which the company showed off at its annual Google I/O keynote event — is manufactured by Asus, known for making other Android tablets including the Transformer and the Transformer Prime.
The device has a 1280 x 800-pixel high-definition display, made with reading and watching videos in mind. It has a speedy Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor under the hood, front-facing camera for video chat, 9 hours of video playback — compared to the iPad's 10-hour playback life — and 300 hours of standby battery time. The tablet weighs 340 grams, which is about as much as a paperback book. Check out our hands-on gallery with the Nexus 7 for all the eye candy.
It features tighter integration with Google Play, with content being front and center, similar to how the Amazon Kindle Fire functions. Due to this, Google Play now has a new 3D magazine app with tablet-optimized articles that render well on the Nexus 7's screen.

Google reveals pint-sized Nexus 7 tablet for just $199 | Technology News Blog - Yahoo! News

Is this worth it? It's only cost a quarter of a thousand. Any thoughts? I've been wanting to get a tablet since the iPad came out but has no budget for it :think:


Feb 24, 2009
Pasir Ris
i think this tablet will be the best bang for bucks when it's out.
I like the size, 10 inch is too big for me.
spec wise it's overkill to me.


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Apr 16, 2010
Tethering by your Android phone loh... my 12gb a mth data also seldom use much. At the most 1.3gb per mth is used only. Sometimes only 600mb per mth used. So this is fine for me.
:think: Why didn't I think of it before.. thanks! ;)

So much hype on the Nexus 7 but I don't see anyone discussing about the Google Glasses. :bsmilie:

Took almost 28 years for such technology to trickle down...


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Jul 26, 2002
Google Glasses. I don't care how silly it looks or how silly I'll look wearing it. I will buy it.