[NEWS] Online photo service Snapfish in local waters

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Online photo service Snapfish in local waters

SNAPFISH, the world's No. 1 online photo service by number of customers, is now in Singapore waters.

Home for it is at www.snapfish.com.sg, where customers can upload, store and display an unlimited number of digital pictures and make orders for prints to be made.

Snapfish's lure? The 4R prints come at 19 cents each.

Photo prints in 4R size cost between 20 cents and 50 cents each here at retail and online photo print shops - and print quality can vary.

Mr Bala Parthasarathy, Snapfish's founder and now vice-president of online imaging at HP Asia-Pacific, said: 'We are focused on delivering what consumers want and at 19 cents, we are lower than any retail or online provider in Singapore. The prints are of high quality.'

Spawned in the US in 2000, Snapfish was acquired by computer giant HP in 2005.

It now has over 40 million customers in 15 countries, who store and print their photos through it. They may upload their photographs any time round the clock by connecting their cameras to their computers or by Bluetooth from their camera phones, for example.

The website imposes only one condition on its customers who want to keep their prints online - that they order at least one photo every year.

Hard-copy photographs are mailed direct to them.

Online photo services have been in Singapore since 2000 but snapfish.com.sg is the first service that offers unlimited uploads and storage.

To pull in users, it is offering 20 free 4R prints for first-time customers, but will bill them for the $1.90 mailing cost.

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