Newlyweds hit by disastrous wedding photos ....

one eye jack

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Jun 11, 2011
Which photographic outfit is the photographer from? No mention in the article posted.

Newlyweds hit by disastrous wedding photos with overexposed and unflattering shots
My sympathies to the couple who are more knowledeable than said photographer who's boss claimed he had shot 10 weddings
before this fiasco.Seems got money can't get good photography service. A side comment...even the couple acknowledge they are
not "beautiful people" and lamented photographer did not know or bother to make them look good on their most important day.
This photographer is probably inexperienced and thought a modern auto everything camera can do anything.Photographer is in dreamland. Photographer apparently did not know about exposure,lighting and use of lenses,evidenced by the 12pm shoot where he thought giving more exposure to solve ugly shadows on faces of people during overhead afternoon sun.Either he's got bad eyesight or did not check LCD for review or light is so bright that looking at LCD is difficult.Still no excuse.

This is a news report so the offending company is not named (legal reasons) but probably mentioned in the couple's blog page.Just go to show got camera does not make someone a photograper.It takes passion,learning and practice.Most importantly like and respect people .All this was not taught or conveyed to said conscience or should not even try to be photographer..lack of talent and imagination.


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Nov 27, 2010
The photographer company is mentioned in the couple Facebook post and some other news reporting site.
Now the page is being hit with many bad comment & rating.

Those outdoor shot most likely were taken after the morning gate crashed, which may be already late morning to noon. During AD shoot, lot of things are not within control. Properly the assigned photographer not experience enough or that day just isn't his/her usual self.

Had committed some of the mistake (including editing mistake) myself, now still make new mistake. Just that now able to correct the mistake in time, or hide most of them (e.g. don't give those bad photos).