Newbies shot lack of composition and idea

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Apr 17, 2002
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I was once a newbies before. Before I join Clubsnap I do not know anything about composition or is there such a thing about idea that the photo trying to tell other people. :dunno:

After I get the camera, I was very happy and snap all the ways without much consideration as I do not know there are theories or guideline to photography too. From what I can recall at that time, I just want to know whether the technique it is correct for eg handshake, WB etc or maybe the camera is having some problem such as cannot auto focus properly etc. I am not sure the rest of the newbies it is having the same thought too?

Sometime (as a newbies) we saw some nice shot post by more senior/professional etc, we would like to know what are the difference between those better shot as compare to ours. Thus, some of the shot become “common” or “classical” shots, from there I start to learn more on composition, chose unusual angle shot and slowly learn those photography terms such as EV, shutter speed etc.

To those newbies, may be you want to input your thought too. Sometime as a newbies quite dishearten :cry: to just to see comment such as common, classical, idea of the shot as some/most of the newbies (like me when I just join Clubsnap) do not know all these things especially digital camera is getting more common now.

Just my 2 cents :shy:

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