Newbie shot attempt during sunset

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i think you got no replies for this because of a spate of sunset shots of late ;)
its a nice shot :thumbsup:
i would prefer a cropped version where you remove some of the foreground. i think there is too much of the foreground in this image. a foreground can be good for these kind of shots if it is illuminated and has some object of interest.

you might also want to try and decrease the shutter speed. right now there is too much detail in the water. by reducing the speed from 1/400s to something like 1/60s or thereabouts will help you in getting a soft sea which might help in focussing the attention on the sunset.


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Oct 24, 2005
agree with vkashi abt the shutter part.
i'm also a newbie and hope you don't mind me sharing my thoughts. reducing the shutter speed not only adds life to the water but also brightens up the picture a lil more. for me the foreground is ok but it is too dark so you might wana consider the shutter part.

a suggestion for nice sunset that i took at bintan was after sundown when naked eyes see very dark blue or black skies then you can leave your cam on a tripod for maybe 10". the effect is a beautiful blue sky with the sunrays coming out of the horizon. if you have a low lit foreground it makes it even better.

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