newbie question on camera bags


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Jan 28, 2008
Hey there,

Im looking at lens bags, and I spotting these:
ThinkTank Large Lens Drop In™ link
ThinkTank Lens Changer™ 50 link
ThinkTank Skin Double Wide™ link

I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with these products?

like whats the diff between the Lens Drop In and the Lens Changer?
I know they look different, the lens changer has this wire mesh to hold extra Stuff. but other than that any functional differences? (like velcro on the belt loop? or if it tilts when you squat down? largest don't fit a 77mm + hood [like my damn cheapo neoprene pouch]?)
(and the lens drop in cost like usd$ dollars more!)

I'm also considering the Skin Double Wide for 2 lenses. It says the Skin is not padded at all, so...How does it compare with the above 2? (well.... size aside.)

I'm trying to do my research before heading down to feel it. I hope TK has them all.

But for functional advantages/disadvantages only you clubsnappers knows it best man. If there are people out there using these items, I hope that you would share your experiences.

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