Newbie needs help wth CF card for Oly C-8080

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May 10, 2004
Hi all,

First all of, thanks for reading my post.

I am a newbie in digital photography and have recently got myself an Olympus C-8080 WZ digicam.

I intend to get a 256 or 512 MByte CF card for the camera.
I would like to know which CF card would you recommend?
I have heard of SanDisk, Hagiwara, Toshiba and Lexar .... is there any difference in these cards when I use them with my Oly 8080? I heard that Oly 8080 can only write at 1 -1.5 MByte per second (12x speed ?) only - wat does dat mean actually? I don't want to spend too much money on a faster speed CF card if the camera cannot use the extra speed.

I am actually looking for a CF card that will be just sufficiently fast enuf for my camera and also reliable.

Thanks all for any replies! Appreciate any advice.



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Nov 22, 2003
Newbie here too...hehe...

You do not need the fast cards like the Lexar 40X WA, or Sandisk Ultra II (60X). You camera cannot support this speed and these cards cost a premium. Hence normal high-speed 12X CF cards like the normal Sandisk, Kingston, Hagiwara is good enough.

Anyway, 1X=150KB/sec. Hence 12X=1.8MB/sec

See these links. The prices are very competitive ->

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