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Jan 23, 2014
Pasir ris
Hi everyone. Need some advice here regarding cleaning of my dslr. I just got and 2nd hand canon 1000d and yes it's a dinosaur lol. Any way,Just wana try it out before I actually commit myself into this hobby. I see some spore/fungus when I look through the view finder. But the thing is that it does not affect the picture I take, maybe a little.... can tell any way. I am sure it's not on the lens I believe it either on the sensor or the mirror (dono if it get the term correct ) can any body here recommend me a place that I can send for cleaning.. I know I can go to canon service centre but it's like kind of far for me. I read about some one in this forum is providing cleaning service. Can some one pls advice. Thanks.


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Jan 3, 2008
Pasir Ris
Chances are, whatever you see through viewfinder sits on the focusing screen. This glass / plastic plate is not involved in the actual taking of the image, only in the focusing part (hence the name). Secondly, dust is everywhere and the dust particles you remove today will be back tomorrow. Pointless.
Check for sensor dust instead (this forum has tons of similar threads) and get it removed if there is some.

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