Newbie here looking to buy Nikon D90

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Feb 1, 2009
I am planning to get a D90 Kit (18-105mm), saw afew threads on the rising prices of Nikon products and was worried.
I was actually thinking if its worth the wait to buy during the Mar 09 IT show instead coz during those time they will give more freebies.
Or will i get a better deal at those recommended camera shops? Any advices?

Another few questions,
1) Any recommendations for UV filter that is not too exp but good?
2) Memory Cards wise, is it necessary to get the Sandisk Extreme III series SDHC cards? If not, what will be good enough?
3) Dry Cabinet - Is Digi-Cabi a good buy?

Thanks alot in advance. ;)


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Nov 28, 2005
Did you even bother to search? Every one of your questions has been answered ad nauseum.

But, since i'm charitable:

1. As has been discussed numerous times (since these threads pop up 10 times a day during every IT show), the freebies you get are usually worthless junk.

2. UV filter: Discussed to death. Search!

3. If you plan on shooting video, you need a fast memory card. Logical, right?

4. Have you tried a search? Seen the 100+ threads recommending it?

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