Newbie Guide on maintance of DSLR?

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Nov 3, 2008
Bukit Panjang
Greeting to all senior here,

veri new to dslr which i bought over the weekend..

is juz wondering is there a guide, webbie, etc on proper maintance of cam?

like cleaning of lens, storage of cam n lens, when shld i brin my cam for servicing upon like reachin certain shutter count, etc...

thanks alot for any advise given...

Daedalus Trent

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Apr 15, 2008
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Hi there and congrats on your 1st DSLR ;)

You can look it up in your manual. It's somewhere in there :)

oh, and as for storage of cam n lens, if you don't use them often or have a fairly large collection of gear, advisable to buy a dry cabinet.


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Jul 5, 2006
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Hello...welcome and congrats in getting your cam.

From your profile, I think you are using the Alpha 350. (There is a typo in the cam model?).

Maintanence is quite easy. Get a dry cabinet if you haven't got one. This will reduce the chance of having fungus on your gear.

Have a proper camera bag which gives the cam the cushion it needs.

Have a filter on your lenses to protect the front glass.

Have the lens caps on when you're not using the lens.

Always store the lenses in the dry cabinet when not in use.

Clean the cam & lenses after each outings.

There is no stipulated time to send your cam in. Since there is warranty you can send it in for as many times as you want (even for general cleaning). But do bear in mind that the cam will be at the service centre for at least 3-5days for each send in. After the warranty period, you just need to pay a mere $10.70 (incl of GST) currently for a general cleaning & servcing job.

Hope these helps & looking forward to meet you in our regular outings soon. ;)

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