NewBie Flowers shot-C&C welcome

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Jun 30, 2007
I'm a newbie using D40x. Took some flowers photo in Botanic Garden recently. Appreciate if anyone can give some comments, especially the exposure.




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Jan 19, 2004
I remembered how easy it was to be overwhelmed by the beautiful colours of the flowers and neglected the composition, lighting and focusing when I first started out in photography. I loved going to the Botanic Gardens to take pictures of those lovely flowers, only to be disappointed by how "soft" the images turned out to be...

In this case, your images are pretty "soft", as you did not have a clear idea where to focus on the flower. The composition of the flowers make it worse, as the image of the flower is not just flat (colourful as compared to the background, but lack the sharpness and contrast people usually associate with images) but also are isolated, giving the viewer no additional subject of interests to view. In all, these limitations made you pictures "ordinary" and "forgettable".

Learn to take more images of flowers. Try going around your subject and take additional shots with alternative perspectives of the same flower. Use this as a learning process to understand how and which is the best angle to take a certain kind of flower. Also, try using manual focus (if available on your camera) to focus on the different area of the flowers. Try using a flash to see if the contrast can be brought out in some cases. And please do not choose to take a flower with an incomplete leaf (leaf with insect bites) unless that is your real intention.

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