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Jan 30, 2004

Sydney woman Jennifer dumped via sign on telegraph pole

* By Chelsea White
* From: The Daily Telegraph
* September 30, 2009 12:01AM

IT could be one of the most embarrassing public break-ups of all time.

A woman named Jennifer has become the talk of Sydney's northern beaches after she was unceremoniously dumped via telegraph pole on the area's busiest road yesterday.

In the early hours her supposed lover erected five separate signs on what is known as the Bilgola bends on Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon, the main arterial access to the rest of Sydney for those living in Avalon and Palm Beach, The Daily Telegraph reports.

His feelings started out as romantic, one of those tender public moments where the daring can touch hearts.

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"Jennifer, will you marry me?'' the fist sign said.

But what happened next is bizarre and has had heads shaking throughout the northern beach suburbs.

No sooner had the marriage proposal sign appeared, there was another sign, taking a very different tack - "Just joking, we're breaking up."

And if things were getting confusing, then came another sign, rather blunt and to the point: "You have six days to get out.''

Locals were divided over whether the signs could be a joke or whether to feel sorry for Jennifer: how could any woman deserve such public humiliation and who was the love rat responsible?

"When I first saw it I was just on my bike, I was laughing my head off,'' Newport retailer Jeff Kahler said.

"There has been really good (signs) but I reckon it is one of the best, it took my mind off driving.''

Avalon resident Rhiannon Johnston said: "I think it is a prank.

"If not, it is really mean or Jennifer really screwed up big time.''

By late yesterday, an unlikely group of men had come to the rescue of Jennifer.

The local council rangers took down the signs not necessarily to preserve the dignity of a young lady but rules are rules - the signs' mastermind hadn't received permission to put them up.

So the mystery remains - somewhere in Sydney there is a woman called Jennifer who is today very heartbroken or someone somewhere having a very loud laugh.

Aug 26, 2006
Maybe Jennifer cheated on the bf? If not I really feel sorry for her.


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Nov 15, 2003
I'll break up with Jennifer anytime whether it's a he, she or shim because she's probably too boring a person to drive the same route everytime.

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