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New Tri-X in DD-X?

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Thanks to the Ilford 2+1 promo on HP5+ over the last year there have been a lot of converts in Taipei to the flavor...mostly Tri-X folks who were told in the begining that Tri-X was the "only" B&W film and were too afraid to try anything else...but who can beat a free roll of film right? ;)

This is good in that it means that HP5+ will be available here for some time to come. This is bad because it sells out all the time and I won't be able to get any more until next month when the next shipment arrives. :sweat:

So, off to my backup film....TRI-X!

Unfortunately, the emultion (and dev times) have changed since I last used it. So, can anyone give me a starting point for dev'ing in Ilfotec DD-X?

My "best guess" would be ~9:30@20C@1:4...but I'd rather hear some opinions from anyone who has tried the mix before.

On a seperate note: T-Max 400 in DD-X? I have a couple really old rolls I wanna get rid of.

TIA :)

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