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Dec 15, 2010
Hello everybody!
My name is Ryan Lai, and I am from Canada. My parents emigrated there from Singapore 25 years ago, but they come back to Singapore every year. (As do I)
I've come back to Singapore to do NS. Everytime I came, I didn't stay long enough to create a network with fellow Singaporeans but I hope to do that now! : )

I've been shooting along side my father for the last 5-6 years. (Weddings, Portraits, Events, Modelling)
Website -

ATM I do not have a personal website, but it is in the process.
I just use my facebook fan page

Anyways! I hope to meet some fellow Singaporean photographers! Maybe some casual shoots, meet ups to talk shop or just a friend photographer :)

Add me on facebook here:

Thank you, I appreciate your time :D

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