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Nov 21, 2002
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Hi all,

I strongly recommend this new pictorial book published by Lonely Planet.

It's called ONE PLANET. It's got full of beautiful pictures (hardly any words)... great travel photography. Last but not least... it's a great inspiring book for all aspiring photographers.

Retails for S$52 at Times Bookshop. It's quite thick, it's square and it's heavy! Too bad it's softcover though... that's the only flip side.

Any comments?


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Feb 12, 2003
Hi Engineermunn

Thanks for the tip. I bought one from Time Bookshop today after flipping a few pages. I totally agreed with you that the photos were very good and inspiring. In fact I have been to some of the places shown in the photos so I could appreciate how good the photos are compared to those I took...hee...he...

Most of the photos in the book are people shots. The main theme of the book is to show that all people in the world have a lot more similarities than differences. For example, by placing two photos next to each other showing people from different parts of the world doing the same thing / being shy / being happy, etc. There were some nature shots (animal, landscape) as well. There is short caption that accompanies each photo explaining the subject and where the photo is taken.

Highly recommended!


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