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i guess they are just starting out. right now they have too few reviews, but given that they seem to be the same people as imaging resources; it should not be long before they test all the lenses that they have listed.

but you are right in saying that right now there are too few reviews here. and in any case, it is better to shoot than to read more reviews :)




The 3D graph is quite useful if it is accurate.


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Aug 31, 2005
so is there any other site without ads that has a good review?

pls. share some :)

hi astin,
thanks for the links. yes i am aware of most of these sites as i keep surfing. maybe i should stop surfing and start shooting more :(
it was while surfing at dpreview that i came across this site. i have often visited the imaging resources site for their imatest reviews which are unbiased if conducted properly. since this new site was also from the same people, and they are using a software and only giving test results in figures/graphs rather than subjective descriptions, i thought it might be a good way to compare various lenses. i found the flash graph on corner softness quite helpful and interesting. and given that it is managed by the imaging resources people i am also assuming that they will review others lenses in the near future.

having said that, i have absolutely no links with them ;) neither can i warrant that they will be unbiased. i just wanted to let others know of its existence.



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Mar 2, 2002
Astin Studio
;) Lens review is very subjective, not all reviewers are the same, and not all lenses are the same. In fact I would discount 50% of most of the reviews. It could be the reviewer got a very good sample of the lens, or it could be he got a lemon lens.

ya, even these kinds of tests with all mumbo jumbo of figures is so relative. in fact this site states that they are testing only one sample of each lens and hence cannot vouch for inconsistencies in their copy of the lens.

now that to me defeats the whole purpose of all this testing. :)


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