New Holga User Question

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Hi Everyone,

I just got myself a new Holga & Ringflash and still trying to figure out how to use. I read that if I use the 6x6, I should have 12 shots, but I'm getting 16 shots. I might have make some wrong settings.

Some newbie questions:
1) If I use the 6x6 mask, what's should I set for the selection switch on the back plate? Should the arrow be pointing "16" or "12"?

2) The mask for 6x6 is marked with "16" and the mask for 6x4.5 is marked with "12", am I correct?

3) For the Ringflash, do I need to manually fire the flash when attached to Holga/Fisheye?

4) I read that the RingFlash will detect the "Flash" on the holga / Fisheye. Is it that I must activate the flash on my Holga for the RingFlash to "auto" fire the flash?

Thank you for your time and answering my newbie question. :sweat: :sweatsm:

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