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Feb 15, 2003
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Dear XXX,

We received a formal application from a company who is called YYY Co.,Ltd are applying to register "XXX" as their domain name and Internet keyword in China and also in Asia on Nov 11, 2008. During our auditing procedure we find out that the alleged YYY Co.,Ltd has no trade mark, brand nor patent even similar to that word. As authorized anti-cybersquatting organization we hereby suspect the alleged YYY Co.,Ltd to be a domain grabber. Hence we need you confirmation for two things,
First of all, whether this alleged YYY Co.,Ltd is your business partner or distributor in China.
Secondly, whether you are interested in registering these domains. (The alleged YYY Co.,Ltd will be entitled to obtain a domain not needed by original trademark owner.)
If you are not in charge of this please transfer this email to appropriate dept.
This is a letter for confirmation. If the mentioned third party is your business partner or distributor in China please DO NOT reply. We will automatically confirm application from your business partner after this audit procedure.

kinda crap rite? how to reg my .com when i am using the .com? u wan, by all means...


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Nov 28, 2005

kinda crap rite? how to reg my .com when i am using the .com? u wan, by all means...
Errr... the email itself seems like a scam to get you to purchese those additional domains. I mean, "DO NOT REPLY" is fishy.

I got a few of this last month. Saying some company wants to buy other domain levels of my company's name-sake. But they found out that we own the of it and think we should rightly be the one to buy them and they go on to say how this could damage our company and brand blah blah balh.

Suspicious I was but knew I smell a rat but just to see how far they will go, I tested it out first with a official company reply to them to see how they will bait me further.

The reply comes backs very fast and quite well written. They have a point too that if you value your brand name or company website is vital to your not being mis-repressented so if you panic and fall for will end up buying up all those various level domain extensions. It could happen but then again it may not depend on how "famous" your company or brand is.

After the second email I got from them....I proceed to check Google and lo and behold....the same kind of email appeal has been going around and with the same storyline or a variant of it. This guy actually did a 3rd follow up email to me to say, "time is short" and I should give him an indication if he should hold back on the other buyer's request and give me first crack at buying all my domain levels hehe... I reply him by, pasting the scam report and feature story PLUS links to his email and sent to him. No more emails from him after that heheheh....

These are the new kind of " domain name squatter"...not passive type but the more proactive type that uses fear to sell you stuff you don't need. These are all those who are domain name resellers. They really will sell you those domain level extension. It is like a protection racket of sorts heh.

Sad thing is I am sure there will be lots who will fall for it.

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