New entry level Canon DSLRs not compatible with 3rd party flashes

one eye jack

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Jun 11, 2011
Canon's business tactics sounds like a korean tv drama.:) Having learnt from Apple, that said as someone from the same article said sooner or later there will be a pass thruough adapter by the chinese but I think it will not be that simple as the canon firmware will defeat this by checking
for an identifying text string or something like that to allow use of adapter but it will be more difficult if canon encript this particular set of instructions but I think it's within Godox or Youngnuo capabilities.

The hotshoe adapter solution is not ideal as the extra appendage plus flash only makes it prone to breakage instead a redesign of their current ttl flashes is the better option. All they need to do is rewrite their flash firmware to get around the "firewall" and redesign their electronics with additional components and trigger via one of the four other pins after reverse engineering of course.

In fact as the chinese put it, win-win in fact this new ttl flash will make canon's entry level camera more popular contrary to canon's intention of stamping out competion from 3rd. Party providers. Money is money to the chinese no hard feelings.


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Feb 24, 2005
First of all, the idiot who proposed this scheme + the idiot who approved it - should be reprimanded by the Canon top management.
Canon made a terrible mistake. Crippling its own lower end cameras in this way is asking for trouble.
It sends all the wrong signals about the whole Canon company to consumers.
Consumers may think that Canon is becoming desperate.
It is a case of shooting oneself in the foot. This is not a technological over sight nor a lack of engineering prowess.
Instead it is a manufacturer deliberately handicapping its own product so that it is sold to the consumer as a self-disabled item.
Canon is a billion dollar company with net sales of USD$35,603 million in 2018. That is about USD$35.6 Billion.
Camera related sales is just one part of the company, which is big in Office Automation products.
Canon does not need to commit this fiasco. Because flash sales are not significant to the overall pie.
If the Canon flashes are not selling well, the correct solution is to make a better flash or a cheaper flash.
When Godox or competitors make good flashes that fit Canon cameras, it is a GOOD thing.
That helps to sell the Canon camera body.
Because the overall package of camera body + cheaper Godox flash will be within the budget of very price sensitive potential customers.
There is at least one precedent of another company making the same Fatal Error.
In the days of film cameras, Minolta changed the hot shoe design to a Split Rail design.
They wanted to force consumers to buy Minolta flashes.
It did not occur to Minolta that buyers could have been discouraged from buying the camera because of the problems created by the Split Rail hot shoe.
The eventual demise and collapse of the Minolta company should have been enough warning to Canon, not to repeat this stupidity.

Ah Keong

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Dec 3, 2014
Thanks Godox !~