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Jul 24, 2008
This is my first time posting on Club Snap and also my first time buying a digital SLR. My preferred brand is Canon. I'm pretty clueless :dunno:about buying a dslr as I'm new in photography. I will be using this camera to shoot mainly events and landscapes. I read from the website that 1000D is light and suitable for a girl. I am on a budget :sweat:eek:f not more than $1,200. It will be better if it can be as lower than that.

Here are the options that I have.
1) 1000D kit (new)
2) 450D kit (new)
3) 400D + lens (2nd hand)
4) 300D + lens (2nd hand)

If I were to buy a 2nd hand camera, what are the things should I be looking out for?

Hope someone can help me.


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Nov 10, 2003
have you used a dslr before? If you have not, borrow one from a fren and spend time shooting with it. See if you like it.
400d is small in size and good for ladies' handhold.
Word of advice, keep to your budget

Aug 27, 2008
I think probably u should first check the following information first before you decide to buy any particular used camera:-

1. Shutter Count (Normally shutter life will be well over 50000 but it does depend wht model)
2. Whether or not the camera can accomadate u need (go to wesite such as dpreview to check out the details)
3. Personally I think lens is always more important than the if u r really on a budget I think u should probably look at what kind of combination (camera + lens) can you get with u budget...(My advise is spend more on lens...2 cents)



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Nov 28, 2005
If you only want to look at Canon, then I suggest the 450D. The 1000D just feels too toy-like, doesn't inspire confidence in it's durability.


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May 7, 2008
Hi Boogiean! Welcome to Clubsnap. This forum has many useful resources and threads for everyone and many helpful members always ready to share their experience.

Just to share my buying experience : I'm a newbie too - just got my camera in May. Was just like you wondering what i should buy and whether i should get a new or 2nd hand... and like you, i was looking for a Canon (for me, no special reason why). As a learner, I wasn't sure how far i would take this hobby so after much thought, i decided to start slowly so i bought a 2nd hand 400D body (which had about 3 months warranty left) plus spare battery, SD card and 400D guide book from a nice bro on this forum. In fact, all my gear is 2nd hand. I spaced out my purchases... bought 2 other lenses (18-55mm lens & a 50mm f1.8 also from this forum! :thumbsup:) and ended up spending under $900 for everything. You find that there are always people ungrading.

I don't shoot everyday and i bought a DSLR so that i could explore taking some creative shots while travelling and during occasional events. As a pint-sized female, my 400D is managable to handle and travel with so no worries.

All the best with your purchase and hope to see some of your photos soon! :)

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