New A6600 sports IBIS & headphone port!


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As more details emerges about the A6600, it now appears to be a proper camcorder killer capable of doing ENG in a very compact body.
The key enablers are:
-No recording limit for video
-New long life Z series battery
- MIS hotshoe compatible with XLR-K3M
- Headphone port
- 5 Axis Image Stabilsation
- 52 possible E mount lenses including cine lenses.
- Best in class touch -tracking video autofocus
This is a game changer, no doubt.

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Feb 24, 2005
Fuji XT3 may be hurt by α 6600. Both are APS-C.
Fuji has so far refused to go full frame 36x24.
Though Fuji has leapfrogged that with its GFX range.