LR Tips Neue Haas Unica: The Lost Sequel to Univers and Helvetica


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Sep 27, 2006
Pardon me for waxing enthusiastic. Some things are just to cool to stay calm about. An article that appeared recently on Wired starts like this: IMAGINE IF, DUE to some fluke, The Empire Strikes Back had only been shown in a couple of movie theaters. Imagine it fading into obscurity and existing for decades as nothing more than a cult film, a historical footnote, an object of fascination among serious movie buffs. That’s the story of Haas Unica. I recommend reading the rest of the article, and the background history of Neue Haas Unica on the Linotype website, because from a typographic point of view this news is on par with hearing that Amelia Earhart’s plane had been discovered, but that’s not the only reason this is good news. Why It’s a Big Deal Univers and Helvetica are classics, but if you’ve worked with them you’ll know they’re not so readable in smaller sizes, and they really, really don’t translate well to your average computer screen. (Try OS X Yosemite on a non-Retina display. ‘Nuff said.) Unica is designed for both display work and text, and it works on screen and on paper. But there are other reasons to get excited. For one thing, Unica has true small caps! — Still a [...]


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