Neon Facade

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Dec 5, 2005
Was kind of fascinated by the front facade of the hotel I am staying at while on holiday. I like the strong graphical expression it possess.

Would like to hear from fellow members on whether this photo works for you in terms of graphical expression it possess, also whether the presentation and the angle the photo was taken works? Do the picture needs any further colour enhance etc. All comments are welcome:)


Please click on the pic for a larger image


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Jan 19, 2004
You have a very interesting scene there, with very nice colours that potentially could give a bit more contrastly and memorable image. However, there are numerous points that make it uninteresting:

1. The image is too noisy.

2. The composition is a bit hard for the viewer to understand what you are getting at. The cutting of the main subject (at the right side) is also a bit too unnerving.

3. The white-wash white circle in the foreground is a dead space. With a scene that has many interesting elements, dead space is not a good idea.

Hope these comments help.

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