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Mar 15, 2003
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I do not have a chance to meet and get to know the late Laurence Poh when he was alive. The images that he captured with his digiscope set-up never fails to impress me. Yes, I am full of admiration for this guy.

Birder's World magazine, one of the better bird magazines here in the
USA is in the process of selecting a cover photo for their February
2007 issue. A photo by Laurence Poh (a Red-bearded Bee-eater) stands a
50-50 chance of being selected as the cover photo. Currently the
editors are trying to decide between that photo by Laurence, or
another one.

With your vote, the photo taken by Laurence could make it to be the cover shot. Voting is free. Simply click on the link below, (or copy into your browser), and you will be taken to the Birder's World web site where you can vote (by clicking on the cover photo of the Red-bearded Bee-eater):

It would be great if the photo of the Red-bearded Bee-eater taken by
Laurence Poh made the cover of the magazine. Personally, I would feel proud that images taken by one of guys/gals from this region could grace an US Bird magazine cover. If you feel the same, please vote (tell your friends to do the same as well!) for Laurence Poh.

Thanks in advance!;)

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