Need ur recommendation on RMVB/FLV PMP

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"Visit Sim Lim Square on any day of the week, and you will find mini booths strategically located along the high human traffic areas, hawking all types, shapes and sizes of portable media players (PMP).

My first impression for the SmartQ T5-II led me to believe it is another one of the many China made PMPs that has flooded the market. (It is, "Made in China".) However, after playing around with it for a few days it turns out to be something more than just another PMP."

I saw this comments from one PMP Review from VR-Zone. According to the editor, this pmp sounds very good and feature-rich, may i know anyone using it now? need ur advice. btw, it can view photo up to 12M pixel, so i think it can be used as a card reader/writer to view photos instantly since it uses SDHC Card.

Thanks in advance!

The full review link:


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