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Nov 23, 2010
Hi all.

It would be great if you guys can share some tips on where i could get the best price & location for these items below:

- Canon 50mm f 1.4
- Speed lite 580 EX II
- Gary fong Lightsphere Collapsible

Also i would like to know, what is the market price now for these items above? I feel that, it would be better if i'm knowledgeable of the current prices as it's much easier for me to analyze myself when I start my own equipment hunting. (Singapore)

Please state if the items you are recommending is a grey set or CSC and if you have any good reviews on the shop also.

Anyway, I know that this question has been asked quite frequent but what do you guys think about the Canon 50mm f 1.4 vs Sigma 50mm f 1.4, I've read tons of reviews but still can't up my mind. To my own findings, it's known that Sigma delivers better 'bokeh' then the Canon's. While after comparing through Flickr's Pool for both lenses, I find that Canon has a better quality image (same goes to video recording too). Although Sigma has more 'handsome' build rather than Canon's (50mm f 1.4) I think some are facing an AF issue for the Canon's. Any Sigma/Canon user would like to have a say? (No offense to anyone which prefer one over the other) Please help me out!

Thanks in advance guys, Happy new year! :)

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Nov 18, 2006
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For Canon 50 f1.4 and 580EXII:The price guides are there for a reason...
For Gary Fong:Try CP...

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