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Jul 27, 2006
hi... im a newbiee, can anyone tell me is it safe to buy/ order cam frm other country? or anyone ever buy from other country/ payment through $ order or western union transfer?


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Jul 5, 2006
Planet Gaia
Hi Bro,

Firstly, welcome to ClubSnap.

I have experienced buying something over the net from another country but the goods arrived differs from what i've ordered. :angry: So I would suggest to buy locally if possible. The price may be slightly more but at least you are spared from the stress of wondering when will your goods arrive, will it be in good condition when it arrived and if the correct goods will arrive. If you end up getting goods that differs to what you have ordered, disputes and getting refunds are a real headache. You better think twice bro. You do not have control over these factors and I would rather pay a bit more and get something which I can see and feel on the spot and get it if it fits what i am looking for.

Can I know what are you trying to get? Maybe can check if there are fellow CSers who are also looking for buyers for the item you are looking for.


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