need help to get sharp edge

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MooneyedWileECoyote said:
Dear still-life enthusiasts,
I have posted a problem in the Newbies forum, and now would like to seek more opinions from you seasoned pros. I can't get a sharp edge on my coca-cola can. any advise? plse reply to the thread in Newbies forum.

Use sharp blade for sharp edge. :)

Jun 5, 2006
anyone care to take a pic of a coke can, and compare result with the disastrous result from my S3IS?:sweat:

I'd love to see the difference what a DSLR would deliver. I also would like to see proper studio lighting effects. of course, no pp as I want to see jpeg straignt out from camera;p

Sion:- sharp blade?... as in super sharp pro lenses? I'm only using a compact, leh.

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