Need help on tripod ball head paring with L-Bracket.


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Aug 20, 2009
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I wanted the get a L-bracket for my 7D, and saw this set on Kirk site. It say must be used in conjunction with Arca Style Quick Release Platforms

I am currently using the Benro KB-0A ballhead. It is arca swiss compatible. Does it means that I can use the kirk L-plate on my existing ball head.

pls advise. thanks


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May 22, 2006
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Hi tikiman,
I have my doubts that you will be able to use the Kirk L backet with the KB-0A ballhead.

For sure you will be able to use it with the new generation Benro ballheads - B-1, B-2 etc.

I can say that with experience with Benro's own L plate. If you look closely, the culprit is the safety catch (dunno what to call it) that is jutting out (on top) in the KB-0A which isn't present in the B-1.

I even wrote to Benro and spoke to Jack (from Benphoto about it). He suggested that he could remove the safety catch. After removing it, I was able to use the Benro L Plate. But then you will have to be aware that there won't be any more safety mechanism to prevent the QR plate from sliding in and out. I was not comfortable with the idea, so I ended up buying a B-2 ballhead.



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Nov 12, 2007
just a note, I gotten a Benro KB-0A replica from HK, it look totally the same, same knob placement, size, rubber grip and same safety catch.

To note is that the plate thou acra swiss compatible, it would be wise to bring your own ball head down to test.

I bought a arca swiss compatible plate from Sirui but I cant get it to lock tight on my KB-0A replica. The clamp was most prob 0.1-0.2mm too wide even when lock tight, my Sirui plate could slide up and down if i apply force.

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