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To all the PS experts out there ...

Just wondering if anyone can help with a process or steps on how to superimpose a graffiti onto a wall ....

1) I have shot a blank brick wall ....
2) I have shot a graffiti wall ...
3) How to put the graffiti onto the blank wall and make it look real(ish) ...

I will post the file up in a while if that helps ...



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Sep 22, 2004
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the rough step I normally go thru 'grafting' pictures from source A to destination B is.
- select the graffiti out how realistic it gets will depend on how well you select it.
- feather the selection by5 to 15 pixels depending on size.
- paste it over the wall as a new layer
- adjust levels for the new layer, usually adjusting the shadows and mids will blend the graffiti in really well.
- depending on the colours, you can try blending options darken/lighten and opacity to bring out some textures from the wall onto the graffiti.


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Mar 2, 2006
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Here's a way.

1. Save the brick wall image as a displacement map, in PSD format. Just choose save as > give it a name > select PSD format so it becomes something like map.psd

2. Open the brick wall again, then open the graffitti and select it with either pen tool, lasso or even magic wand if you can. Feather the selection by around 2-3 pixels.

3. Bring the graffitti over to the brick wall and then apply a displacement map (Filter > Distort > Displacement Map)

4. Select the brick wall that's in PSD format as the displacement map and it should cause the bumps and dents to show through.

You can play with the layer opacity and blend modes to improve the effect.


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May 16, 2005
make a selection of the graffiti, put a black and white image of the wall over this layer and create a clipping mask such that the wall is constrained by the transparency of the graffiti, and then change the wall layer to "Hard Light"...:)

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